Frequently Asked Questions:
Are you available for custom, commissioned work?

Yes. Many of the sold pieces on my site are one-of-a-kind creations requested from customers around the country. Since I am not pigeonholed into any one subject or genre, I can handle a diverse range of interests. A review of my site reveals I can paint everything from airplanes to elephants.

How long does it take to complete an original painting?

50 to 60 hours on larger paintings is roughly the ‘norm’ but I have dedicated as many as 90 hours on a single piece in order to satisfy the high standards and ultimate finished product I demand from myself.

How much are your original paintings?

Please contact me at 727-565-3387 for a friendly consultation regarding my reasonable fees, as each custom work of art varies in both time and difficulty. You’ll discover my pricing to be fair in relation to the tremendous value you will receive.


What is a Gicleé?

A Gicleé (pronounced gik-lay) is the finest art reproduction available on either canvas or paper. The process begins by photographing the original art with, in my case, a 36 megapixel Hasselblad camera. The image is digitally stored and reproduced on either archival canvas or heavy duty, imported German watercolor paper using a state of the art printer designed specifically for the art industry. Before signing and numbering each print, they are coated with UV protectant to ensure decades of enjoyment. My signed editions are restricted to 50 prints or less, thus providing a truly limited product. For an additional $50 fee, the canvas gicleés are expertly mounted to thick stretcher bars to the artwork is ready-to-hang when you receive it. Otherwise, both canvas and paper editions are shipped in tubes for you to bring to the framer of your choice.

Shipping is free in either case.

Are you represented by art galleries?

Yes. Below are links to galleries where you can see my work in person:

NOVA 535 Unique Event Space

DoMA Home Furnishings

McKenzie Cabinetry and Gallery

Ashworth Artisan Chocolate